Enrico Bergamini

I am a fourth year PhD Candidate in Economics and Complexity, at the “Vilfredo Pareto” Doctorate Program at Collegio Carlo Alberto, in Turin.

After visiting the ICTA research center at Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, I am now visiting the AQR research group at Universitat de Barcelona.

I am working under the supervision of Francesco Quatraro (UniTo) and Jeroen van den Bergh (ICTA-UAB).

Prior to starting the PhD, I worked for the European think tank Bruegel.

I am an applied researcher, now working on Economic Complexity, green innovation, Foreign Direct Investments and Climate Policy.

Methodologically, I have a strong interest in spatial analysis, network analysis, Natural Language Processing, and the use of non-conventional (big) data sources.

My publications are listed on Scholar, and you can download my curriculum here.

Work in progress:

  • “Climate Policy Uncertainty and Green Innovation: European firm-level evidence.” (In preparation)

  • “Spreading the word: FDI networks, patent texts, and the diffusion of green technologies across regions.” (In preparation)

  • “Green diversification, global knowledge sourcing and local skill composition: evidence from US cities” (with Fabrizio Fusillo, Gianluca Orsatti, Francesco Quatraro, Alessandra Scandura)

  • “Recombinant novelty and Foreign Direct Investments: evidence from European Regions” (with Francesco Quatraro, Alessandra Scandura)

  • “Exploring expert opinion on climate policy using Twitter” (with Ivan Savin, Jeroen van den Bergh)