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Visualizing public contracts

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A visualization for ActionAid’s public monitoring project

After 2012’s earthquake hit my region, Emilia-Romagna, Action Aid started several projects on the issue. Some aimed at checking the reconstruction of public buildings, introducing accountability and transparency in the process, through open data and local-community engagement.

Here you can read the whole report. Below, a video of our visits to the schools on the territory.

I was lucky enough to work with the splendid people at ActionAid in order to clean the data and create a dashboard of data-visualizations on the monitored buildings.

The visualization embedded at the end of this page (in italian) is a panoramic view over the money spend, the state of art of the 14 building, the network of firms involved in the restoration. The dataset is available in open-data format in the link at the end of the visualization.

Click here to see it full-screen.

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