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Facebook's Birthday Liker Script

Posted in datascience

So the world is an awful place, and I wrote a small script in Python’s Selenium to like all the birthday wishes posts.

The code works very simply: scroll down and click every like button you see. So be careful and use the URL that contains only birthday posts, not your whole timeline. I found it clicking on the ‘John and 188 more wrote on your timeline’ link.

This will save your time, but not your soul! So be awsome as we all are, and after the use, heartfully thank every good friend sending their love over Facebook. For the not-good-looking strangers a like will be enough.

You can find the code on my Github, here.

attention: this post may contain irony

The internet is the most incredible infrastracture ever built. Human beings learn through dialogues. Open sourcing your ideas means enhancing them. I keep my brain alive reading, writing and coding. Economics student, I'm (slowly) teaching myself Data Science. Hacktivism with folks.

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